A wise woman does not carry her man’s God-given burden of supporting the family. If she does, he will become weak, lazy, disillusioned, and depressed, and she will become bossy, weary, worn, and angry.

A wise woman will do her duty diligently, caring for her home and children, cooking and serving others—what the Bible calls “a keeper at home.”

A wise woman will be gracious. She will cultivate humility and a servant’s nature—what the Bible calls “shamefacedness.” Her husband will cherish her and others will be thankful to call her a friend.

A wise woman will be kind and longsuffering, not controlling or pushy. Strangers will be blessed by having met her—that includes waitresses and store clerks. Due to her goodwill and graciousness she will be liked and appreciated by all.

A wise woman will be open to counsel, always learning and striving to overcome any weakness or faults. Her husband will be encouraged by her openness and willingness to grow.

A wise woman will be generous and serving; never greedy in her friendships. Her husband will gain respect from friends and business associates because of her kind, thoughtful behavior.

A wise woman will be careful in how she spends money on temporal things knowing every dollar spent means hours of her husband’s labor away from the family. She will train her children to be wise, honorable, and kind. Her husband will have cause to rejoice that his labor is not poured upon the ground, but is used with honor, thus he is honored.

A wise woman is always the lady, gracious, generous, full of gratitude and good works. Let me always be a “4-G” lady.