Posted February 24, 2014

The burlesque of life will always “pop” up out the middle of nowhere it seems.  I have family members and in-laws some close cousins others at a distance who give in to the burlesque completely without marriage.  I’m now at the age of getting closer to 30 and I still see girls fall for the burlesque lifestyle rather than finding strength in God’s word.  I’m married and have three children.  When I attended college I was friends with girls who attended hollywood runways and party life.  I studied mathematics while being surrounded in an entire classroom with guys so my father never encouraged me to be a wall-flower.

So how do you balance this faith in scripture (of any language) and not getting to the point where a person becomes religious and scornful??

As a point that I like to emphasize is that the psalms and proverbs are still useful for today.  Psalm 119 is designed to help a person cope with the pressures of life and joyfully choose the blessings of God and study his word rather than the fleshly ways of temptation.  Psalm 119 is an acrostic (complete) poem for the love of God’s law.  Successful and influential people in history have memorized Psalm 119 (slavery abolished in Europe without weapons of war thanks to a man who memorized).  In Jesus’ day, the first portion of scripture children were taught to memorize was Psalm 119!.  Reading 5 psalms, 1 proverb each day according to day of month can challenge psychological and social understanding.

We live in a day where the church gives in-to the burlesque too easily and rely’s on it for strength.  This is a deception.  It is ONLY for within the walls of marriage and thats it.  Anything else leads to slavery of the body and destruction of the next generation.

Keep in mind I have also met a homeschool mother who denied the “need” for the burlesque and ended up divorced and very religious yet with many children.  I spoke with her for a while but then she called police officers and started yelling as if mentally ill so I had to leave her presence as I wasn’t “clean” enough to be around her supposedly.

As a side note I grew up in a Norwegian American household and as such Norwegian Scandinavian Christians went through persecution in the early days.  Norwegian’s don’t necessarily support or emphasize the need for the American constitution or laws even today yet at times they still do.  I’d like my kids to have knowledge of Norwegian stories as well as the biblical ones.  Some neighbor norwegian relative guys attended public school but still come back “dumb” and unable to read.  Their intelligence is in farming and thats it.


So my question as a whole like I said before……how does a woman balance faith and the burlesque??


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