Posted February 24, 2014

I am eighteen years old, the oldest of eight. Until I was sixteen I was very committed to saving my heart and purity for marriage, and when the time was right, a godly young man would potentially approach my father and I would court-with the intention of marriage.

in the last two years I strayed from the instruction both my earthly and my Heavenly Father. I made some mistakes. I’m not the innocent sixteen year old I once was.

But my heart still desires God. I still immerse myself in His word, I am now involved in ministry again and dedicating my entire being to being a servant and not worrying anymore about my future. I am trusting Him fully for the first time.

Yet I am being pursued from every direction, by young men who sure, away be respectable enough, but I am out of the dating game and don’t seek their attention. How do I guard my heart against these young men? How do I keep my focus on Christ and not allow for distractions?

Or am I wrong to push them away because I may be blocking Gods direction in my life??

My biggest fear is that I am not a woman worth pursuing anymore, since once upon a time I settled.

Please help.


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  1. 1butterflykisses

    Your past mistakes do not mean you are no longer worth pursuing; it seems like you may need to forgive yourself. I would suggest you pray about these young men and let God lead you down the path that He has chosen for you.

    # July 7, 2014