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Hi Girls, My best friend and I have grown weary of the many filthy blogs and magazines for teenage girls. So we created our own for Christian young ladies! We’d love for you to check it out! Your welcome to leave comments and let us know what you think!:)

Hi, I had a question I had been thinking about quite a bit, and was hoping for some answers. I’m wondering what’s appropriate for a 16 year old girl…First of all I trust my dad, TOTALLY and COMPLETELY! He’s such an amazing dad. I’m a daddys girl (not user name:) LOL. Anyway, I was kinda[…]

Hi Girls, I’m 16, and not to long ago( 2 weeks ago)┬ámy dad decided he thought it was okay for my mom and I to wear makeup…(the church we recently left did not allow it) I am curious if anyone has any particular thoughts about it. If they do, why? If they don’t why not?”[…]

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2013/01/10: Commented on Natural Foundation?