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Hi there, I think that I have a problem. I am a rather quiet servant girl , and I have two friends that are Go-to-gals. The problem is that these girls are Christians but, they are loud mouthed gossipers. I am afraid that they are starting to change me. I have concluded that they are[…]

Hi, Is it possible to be a servant girl and to be an go-to-gal ? I love helping others and I don’t mind sitting back and letting others take the leadership. However I do have a stubborn streak, and can at times have a contentious spirit. I have to work on having a meek and[…]

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How to Prepare to Marry a Command Man

Hi there, I am a servant girl with a tad bit of visionary. I am looking for ways that I can prepare to marry a kingly man. I could use any suggestions. Thanks!!