Posted April 17, 2014


Is it possible to be a servant girl and to be an go-to-gal ? I love helping others and I don’t mind sitting back and letting others take the leadership. However I do have a stubborn streak, and can at times have a contentious spirit. I have to work on having a meek and quiet spirit. I do not think that I am a visionary girl. I do not think that I could marry a steady man, because I like to know what someone expects of me. I do not want to have to guess and try to figure out what someone wants. So I think that I will probably marry a command man, but I am afraid that my sometimes stubbornness and be contentious will get me in trouble with this kind of a man.


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  1. meetitwithjoy

    Hannah, it is possible to be any combination of any and all personality types! The servant/go-to-gal/visionary categories are simply ways of realizing your strengths and weaknesses. The man you marry will probably have a personality that balances and complements yours. Don’t focus on what the “right” personality type is for you. No matter who you marry, there will be communication differences and some parts of your personality and his personality will cause contention. Nobody’s perfect. A perfect match is made of hard work and unconditional love, not finding someone that naturally fits you exactly perfectly, because that someone doesn’t exist.
    Follow God and when you realize that in the course of doing God’s will, some man has become your best friend and you have become his, if it is God’s will, marry him.

    # September 5, 2014