Posted March 31, 2014

Hi Shalom and others,

I am going overseas for a month to visit my Mr Steady boyfriend, who I’ve been keeping in contact with over the last months via email & Skype. He is the most caring, patient, honest guy I’ve met and I’m so grateful to the Lord for opening the doors for both of us to get to know each other. I’ve never had a boyfriend before so I’m not sure how it will go over when visiting but I’m not used to the feelings of being in love and I used to be very careful with giving my heart away or showing my feelings to guys that I was interested in at the time.

I am aware that temptations can come up and I don’t want to fall into them. What advice do you have? (I have spoken to my Parents and friends and I am aware that I need to be in public places when together, to inform friends what we are doing & where & timeframe, etc… but I also realise that I need to keep my thoughts pure and in obedience to God’s Word).

It is a very exciting time for me and I can’t believe that it’s happening to me now – so I don’t want to be distant but just careful, if you know what I mean.

Thanks sooo much and God bless!


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  1. happykoalakatie

    I would say to keep your conversation on the Lord and spiritual things whenever you’re alone together. Pray together a lot. You’re not going to do anything stupid when your mind is on God! 🙂

    # April 17, 2014