Posted September 10, 2012

My family recently met another homeschooled family. Whom we hang out with almost everyday. They have a boy a year older than me (I’m 16.) I don’t know to many other young men who would be considered elegible for marriage. I am friends with all the children, but because he is around my age we tend to hang out a lot, always in a family setting. Anyway, for awile I thought this would be the Lord’s will for me to marry him…a lady came up to my mon and out of the blue said, “What do you think of so-n-so?” Both of our families have made jokes, about us. I’m not sure if am “In love” with him. But i did find out he wants to go into the military. My family doesn’t agree with war, and now i’m confused i though it was the Lords will. I don’t what to do. One of my friends suggested i distance myself, but i don’t know how to as we see them everyday. Also, we are such a good friends, and i don’t want my heartbroken. but i want to be friends. I feel like he likes me. So does my brother and my older mature friend. How do i distance myself?


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  1. Sarah Beth

    Hey there!
    Yes, it sounds as if he might like you. I would say just try to not always be talking to him. Try your best to mingle with their whole family.
    Also your 16 you probably won’t be getting married for a long time… so slow your thoughts down! 🙂 Treat him like your brother and nothing more. He is just a brother in Christ at this point so keep it that way until he expresses more interest than friendship. he might not even think about it as far as you are right now. Don’t do things that are just to get his attention and to see what he says too! 🙂
    Keep on trying don’t give up you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. (also you could talk to his sister and see what she thinks about it) Love you to you sister!

    # September 14, 2012

  2. Lara

    Just be friendly, I wouldn’t be too concerned with distancing yourself, unless he actually starts pursuing you. Don’t overthink it- sometimes we girls can work ourselves up into a frenzy of emotions, and that just is not helpful or wise. 😉 Take a deep breath,talk to your folks about it, and be wise.

    # September 14, 2012

  3. liera

    You are 16, you are not old enough to get married. So don’t worry about it. He is 17, he does not want to get married. If he joins the service, and YOU disagree with war (though, God sent the Hebrews to slaughter many a nation), then don’t marry him. I am a Navy wife, the military lifestyle is glamorized in culture for the 5 minutes a year the country thinks about the military on July 4th, or veteran’s day. However, the military lifestyle is an extremely trying lifestyle to live. Sure, the romantic reunions are awful nice ;), but raising children without your husband can be stressful. Also, many military men are surrounded by tons of unsaved men who influence them to evil, and are also bombarded with women who would love to steal away that handsome fella in uniform! You can be his friend, but don’t go making out behind the shed! If you want to marry him, and he wants to marry you in a few years, it will work out. You need to get some real life skills like building, plumbing, sewing, survival skills, financial management skills, learn some new things, serve God. You don’t need a man at 16 to be happy. You are worth the wait. You are worthing growing the beauty that is your mind.

    # December 18, 2012

  4. liera

    Pardon my error. I meant. You are worth growing the beautiful thing that is your mind.

    # December 18, 2012