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I’m not planning on making this decision anytime soon, but I would really like to attend the Shindig in NC later this year. Unfortunately, I would probably go by myself, and more than likely, would not know anyone there. Is this normal or will I feel out of place?

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Just Found out My Mother’s Example Was Completely Wrong!

I feel the need to thank Debi Pearl for this amazing book. I’m from Mexico (Yes, a “macho culture” but also a matriarchal society) and I’m getting married in October, so a friend of mine gave me a Spanish version of this book…I just couldn’t stop reading it! I felt so relieved…you’ll see, I love[…]

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The Lord Gives, Takes & Gives

The Day God Wrecked My Ship Of 25 Years (2 Corinthians 11:25) I’ll Never Forget It. It Was September 25, 2012 When My Neice Turned Seven Years Old. It Was Also The Seventh Day Of The Feast Of Tabernacle. I Was Driving In My Car Of 25 Years. I Had Driven This “Ship” For 25[…]

I don’t know many Christian guys, mainly only the ones at my church. There’s a group aimed at people in their 20’s that meets once a week at a church close by that I’m interested in. I would like to get to fellowship with more Christians in my area, and I’ve heard this is pretty[…]

I’m in the midst of reading the book Preparing to be a Help Meet and while reading it I’ve already learned a lot. I recently went through a harsh and unexpected break up with my boyfriend of 15 months. I wasn’t a Christian during the relationship and was definitely a Grabber as well as an[…]

I’m a dreamer, with some go-to thrown in. Enjoy operating as a servant girl sometimes, though. I have a strong personality, although I’m a nice person, so I keep it in check. I am most Compatible with visionary/steady combos.. And abhor command men, especially really Outgoing, in your face, cocky, overly confident ones. And yes,[…]

Hi everybody. I wrote about this guy a while back who I thought liked me. I was expecting him to make some kind of move at that time, but was given advice to not push him and wait it out. I saw him sporadically over the summer. After 6 months nothing happened and I thought,[…]

I walked past a basketball court the other day with a bunch of teenage guys in it playing ball. I was trying to guard my heart and my thoughts but it was really hard! I feel sometimes that I’m not worthy for them to notice me, maybe because I’m not pretty enough or because I’m[…]

Hi everyone, I would love some advice on what to do if you appear too smart to guys. I am relatively intelligent and can have meaningful conversations (even understanding more complex things), outgoing and approachable but for some reason I’ve never had a relationship with a guy. A friend of mine mentioned last week how:[…]

Being married to a visionary is such an adventure I started a blog about it! My desire is for us wives to help each other learn how to appreciate our husbands better and to share ideas and encouragement. If you are married to a visionary come check out my blog, I would love to hear[…]

hi staff I’m wishing from the bottom of my heart for the Pearls to respond to my question posted here about a month ago, I’d so like to hear what their spirits, and hearts would feel, about it. If its possible, I’m anxiously waiting. Thanks

So, not sure quite what I want to ask, but probably looking for encouragement as much as advice. I love the Lord and am commited to purity. I have very high standards of what I want in a husband and am keeping busy with work and serving others. And theres this guy…. 😉 My family[…]

Has anyone had their younger sister marry first? Was it hard for you? It’s a very real possibility for my younger sister, and while I’m happy for her, it’s kinda hard too, because all she’s ever thought about was music, makeup, clothes and looking good, and never worked much on getting ready for marriage in[…]

I’ve tried searching the word about what it takes for the wife and the great commission. I’ve always thought the great commission was for man and woman. My husband is not much for door to door evangelism. Do I step out my role as a wife to evangelize as it says in the word…or follow[…]

I noticed recently that I have been lacking joy in my life and feel some discontentment about various things, so I did a Bible study on joy and man was it eye-opening! I realized that in most examples joy comes from being thankful and praising God, but of course we don’t always “feel” that way.[…]

I have a 6-year-old, he’ll be 7 in fall. I can’t get him to stop wetting his pants. It almost seems as though he is doing it on purpose. I tell him it is gross and stinks, but I think he thinks it to be funny. He is embarrassed when daddy sees it. He went[…]

If someone says they are a born-again Christian but their life shows no evidence of that, should you pray for their salvation or take them at their word and just pray God shows them the wickedness of their life?

I currently have a copper IUD, I had read up some information on it and then prayed that if God wanted me to have it removed, He would have to lay it on my husband’s heart. We only have one child and my husband is determined we not have another (I am fine with this[…]

My hubby believes he is meant to be a preacher. We cannot afford schooling right now besides he does not have the time. I want to support him and help him but what can I do? He knows his Bible very well and has lots of study bibles. He is very knowledgeable and can easily[…]

I went to visit my friend Jeanette the other day, and while we were sitting around chatting I accidentally kicked over an expensive pot. Jeanette said “don’t worry about it, its nothing!” but then her Mom came in and she was so mad when she found out it was me. I don’t know what to[…]

How can a girl go about changing after she has made wrong choices in her life?

How can one kindly approach another on the subject of their immodest clothing so that they will think about it and not shrug it off as just your opinion? For example, I have a violin student who is a believer and she thinks she dresses modestly, but she wears really, I mean really! tight shirts.[…]

Recently at a family gathering my Aunt made the statement that i was pretty, my grandma responded, “She’d be prettier if she could get rid of her acne. That stung. I don’t have that much, but i do have a little bit on my forehead. My mom bought me a ton of stuff, and it[…]

Is this book good to read for every single girl or only those that are actually planning to marry in the near future?

I work with a guy that I´ve liked since the very first time I saw him. Then, he showed some interest on me and my imagination started the way to dreamland. Well, my mom made me come back to earth, telling me to trust the Lord an letting Him work in this guy (who in[…]

Since I was a little girl my mother told me I was going to be a good submissive wife, and a stay-at-home mommy. I grew up thinking there was no other options for me, and even though that vision was not my own I accepted it as fact. Three years ago God started putting missions[…]

I’m a born again Christian and the Lord has really been busy with me this year. I really desire to follow Him and be obedient to Him. I am a bit confused about something and I wonder if some of you ladies could help and give me your opinions and maybe some scripture to back[…]

Does preparing to be Help Meet have any curriculum materials that I could do a small group with?

This question has been on mind a bit since my parents decided it was okay for me to start dating. I am not in a rush, but I want to be prepared for when the time comes when I decide I have met someone God would want me to date. So the question is how[…]

Hi my name is Talia i am 14 and i wet the bed. Up until I was 7 or 8 i never did it and then all of the sudden I just started. I used to do it every night till I was like 12 and a half but know it is only once every[…]

I dont think you should date till you become a certain age, dating is a serious thing and you should do it to eventualy find someone to marry. Well lets just say i’ve past that age and im starting to get concerned. Ive had a few guys interested but we never even started a relationship[…]

This question has been on mind a bit since my parents decided it was okay for me to start dating. I am not in a rush, but I want to be prepared for when the time comes when I decide I have met someone God would want me to date. So the question is how[…]

HI I am wondering if any of you have any advice for me. I am the second oldest of 11 kids in my family. My parents have always been great and I love them a ton. But over the last year it seems that our family relationship has really gone down hill. We used to[…]

We just got the Sept-Oct NGJ today- My interest was definitely piqued when I read Shalom’s article. I really did not know what things were like outside of my (rural farming) area. It’s frightening to hear that it is somewhat the same in other places…I know of so many WONDERFUL Christian young ladies in their[…]

My family recently met another homeschooled family. Whom we hang out with almost everyday. They have a boy a year older than me (I’m 16.) I don’t know to many other young men who would be considered elegible for marriage. I am friends with all the children, but because he is around my age we[…]

There is a guy that has been a close friend of mine for several years and a few months ago I’ve started to develop feelings for him. I pray every night for God to take these feelings away so I don’t have to struggle with this anymore but no such luck. We’re really close and[…]

I’m 16 years old, and I have known “Fred” (fake name, BTW) for two years. I feel confident in saying that I will marry him someday. My parents and sister adore him, and I think he’s beyond-incredible. We’ve talked about beginning a relationship in a few years, and we’re very clear on boundaries and and[…]

I ‘ve got some questions about men’s (in general) food preferences. Do most guys you know dislike leftovers? My Dad doesn’t really like them (usually we make him something fresh) and I’m wondering how important it is to learn to make very portion specific meals. I come from a large family so I haven’t really[…]

If someone says they are a born-again Christian but their life shows no evidence of that, should you pray for their salvation or take them at their word and just pray God shows them the wickedness of their life?

Hi, I’m Judy. I’m 17 years old and I’ve already gotten my BA in communications by CLEPing and online classes. I have been courting this guy (22 years old) for 9 months, I’ve prayed a lot and really feel this is God’s will for me. Both of my parents approve. We have been talking about[…]

I’ve just recently become a born again Christian and I’m wondering about clothing. I know in the bible it mentions a few times clothing, but so many people have their different opinions on it still. In my family, a family of Christians, the women wear skirts below the knee. In the bible it does mention[…]

“let it be the hidden man of the heart”… what does that mean…

Does anyone have any recommendations for tracts to hand out/leave in restrooms and study rooms on a college campus? I was thinking maybe some of those wallet and million dollar bill ones because, let’s face it, what college student in their right mind would not pick up money if they saw it lying around? 🙂[…]

My fiancé broke up with me last month. I have gone through so many emotions privately that no one has noticed the toll it has taken on me. Many of my close friends and even my family thinks I have moved on fairly well and have been doing good. However, deep inside me I keep[…]

First, I just want to say that I don’t care who you are, PLEASE COMMENT with your opinion, whatever that opinion may be! 😉 Let’s get this post under the list of “Popular” posts! Let’s hear some responses, ladies! 😀 And thank you in advance! Okay, so my question is this: Lately I’ve been hearing[…]

Is it bad to get my ears pierced?

Last summer we brot bedbugs home from a dorm. I stuffed tansy in mattress & kept bedding in attic, now we’re getting bites in every bedroom. Is it possible to exterminate them w/o chemicals?

Hello everyone. I have been separated from my wife for 6 months now. I’m the reason for this separation. Last year I befriended a woman at work and I allowed this friendship to become a distraction within my marriage. We talked all the time and even took our lunch breaks together. It got to the[…]

Can someone help me clarify? I understand the significance of understanding what type of man we need in a husband. I’m a Visionary/Servant type and feel I need the steadiness and encouragement of a Priest to balance me out. However, as help meets, it’s not about our needs. We’re the helpers; it’s our task to[…]

This fall I’m going to be taking English and history classes at the local community college. I’m going to be there 3 times a week and will also be doing my 11th grade courses. So, classes start tomarrow and since I’ve always been homeschooled it’s going to be a comepletey new thing! I love meeting[…]

Does anyone here make their own natural cosmetics? I would love to hear any ideas or recipes you might have. Particularly for how to make foundation. I make blush and lip stain out of beets and use activated charcoal for eyeshadow, but I haven’t found anything yet that works for foundation. Any other ideas would[…]

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My Hero, Mentor, and Love

Ron and I met in Heaven, literally (at an establishment named heaven). Although a less than reputable place, we found each other and began our life together. My husband is a 1Lt in the United States Air Force and will be A CAPTAIN in the spring! He is an amazing leader, a talented airman, and[…]

Some of you may have heard about Josh Eddy, who was a strong follower of Christ and a godly young man. I didn’t know him personally, but had followed his blog for a while after my mom showed me this post which his mom sent in to Above Rubies magazine: http://joshyeddy.blogspot.com/2011/05/what-she-will-be.html His whole story is[…]

I just want to praise God right now, because as I was stumbling around on the internet looking for answers and help for my situation, I found this site! I certainly hope someone can help me and keep me in prayer. My husband and I are separated and have been for 3 months. This is[…]

I’m a mother of 4, 3 of whom will be homeschooled in the fall, and I’m like 50 pounds over weight. I don’t have a lot of time of my own but I would like to loose some weight. We hear about all of these pill remedies for loosing weight. But they probably do more[…]

Okay, I’ve been reading this website for awhile now, and got up the courage to answer a few questions, so I’m going to come out and ask something. I’m 17 y/o and I feel that God is telling me to go and find a church. I was playing piano for a church for a bit,[…]

A friend of mine told me she had a book for me to read that would change my outlook on relationships. So I read it and couldn’t put it down! I am 17 and I had grown weary in thinking I would ever find the “one” because all of my friends either had a husband,[…]

Hey Guys! I Was Wondering If Any Of You Have Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, Dessert Or Snacks Recipes?? Thanks! Your Sister In Christ ~ Emma

A few months ago I was on a missions trip in Thailand and helped at an orphanage. One boy there – I’ll call him James – got a crush on me. He’s a really nice boy, very gallant and helpful and honorable. He’s planning on going to Bible school and becoming a missionary. He started[…]

*If one of the Pearl ladies could give some input, I would be so very appreciative!* I am two weeks away from being 18, and a month away from transferring colleges — thus moving out of my family’s home for the first time. So very soon I will be my own responsibility, and in order[…]

Do you know of any orphanages, prison ministries, etc that need volunteers for 4-6 mon.? I can search for places on the internet, but a good recommendation is what I’m really looking for…

I’v always been worried about what to do or say, when someday (maybe soon) a good Godly Christian guy comes to my father and asks permission for him to court me… what I’m scared about is, what if I don’t want to ever marry him just because I don’t believe some of the same things[…]

What do you all think about wearing makeup? I have many friends who wear makeup but I also have many who don’t, not even to cover up zits or anything. Many girls ask meabout this. I don’t usually wear any or if I do only a little… so??

My friend has been dating a guy for over a year. They’ve been planning on getting married for some time, and he planned to propose to her on her birthday – which is very soon. However, she met another guy from abroad recently. She’s known him only 10 days, but claims to be really in[…]

In the chapter about Knowledge, you talked about how you introduced you infants to music, math, ect. I was wondering where you would recommend getting more info on that topic?

I’m really bogged down with the relationships in my family; we grew up in a closeknit community and relations with people outside the family were built at the cost of internal bonds. So now we are all on the defensive toward each other; we can’t stand each other;(sorry for the crude language!) there might be[…]

My husband and I have 4 children ages9,6,4, and 8 months. My husband doesn’t want more children right now stating both income and my health as reasons. However, we don’t want to use birth control and I am trying to use NFP, but a bit lost. I started my period after 4 months of breastfeeding.[…]

Hi! Ive just started to train my 6 month old the command no. When she wants to touch an object i say ‘no’ whilst simulataneously flicking her hand gently. She is a sweet natured girl but doesnt seem to understand yet. I do it consistently for 30 mins and she still tries to grab the[…]

I know I am a little bit too young to be worried about this (I’m 16) but my problem is that I am always moving around (my dad has a job where he is moved a lot) so I never really get to know a lot of people. How will I ever find a husband[…]

I don’t want our kids to jump ship because we keep them isolated so much.we live in the country far away from friends and family. when we invite guests over they are reluctant to come because we live so far away or they don’t like driving on curvey steep roads, so we have company over[…]

Is there such a thing? Or would/could you class it as a part of a persons character? How do you tell the difference between (innocent?) flirting and interested? What if said male person treats all women around (young and old) in the same manner…. could it then be that he is a ‘natural’ flirt or[…]

Im a new christian. I know you should obey your husband in all things but if it contricts Gods Word then you shouldnt but obey God. Now my christian husbands wants me to get a boob job. Do i obey and please him or God? I dont want to sin and go to hell if[…]

I’ve completed an associates degree in College, but have been recently feeling called to remain at home. The main trouble is that my Mama wants me to get my degree (masters, actually), which would entail me continuing for another 5 years. The campus I would go to is very dark, and though I have considered[…]

How can I help my husband with this obession with work from home opportunities? We have lost thousands of dollars that we can not afford to lose. He gets excited about one opportunity and then loses interest, then goes onto another one. I believe he thinks there is a magic opportunity out there without putting[…]

I was raised in a semi-Christian home, and I have always had faith in God. From the ages of 16-18, however, I dated a non Christian and we had a sexual relationship. I am out of this relationship now, and I am committed to the Lord. However, I hate having this huge stain on my[…]

I am trying to make a list of things that I need to learn about before (someday/hypothetically) getting married. If someone said, “A girl HAS to know/have an opinion about ____ before getting married.” What would you fill in the blank with? I am especially looking for doctrinal/biblical topics that you think are especially important[…]

I am unsure what I ought to do in everyday life, with myself and my children, as far as goals and ambitions, since my husband says what he wants to do more than anything is nothing. I know we can just work around his schedule, and we do, but of course many things children are[…]

I’m a [definitely] young girl in a commited relationship with a TOTAL visionary. These guys ARE a lot of fun – Debi knew what she was talking about. They always take on big projects, and they are the ones to change the world – one great idea at a time. I have one of the[…]

Summer is upon me, and I really don’t want to waste it doing nothing. Do you have any ideas of stuff to do? I’m already volunteering as much as possible for my church, but since we’re awfully small, there’s not much I can do. Any suggestions at all are welcome! Thanks! 🙂

My husband doesnt feel the need to correct another women loose behavior; he does not address the ungodly behavior and as a result he leave room for the situation to accure again and again and it creating problem within our marriage. When are now fighing because of it. Instead of allowing her husband to meet[…]

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Gift of Good Manners

A good book and subject to study is any thing related to good etiquette for children (and marriage too). A start may be to read works by Emily Post. “The Gift of Good Manners” by peggy post and cindy post senning are pretty good reads. The writing is well laid out. However, you must use[…]

I’m a 32 year old african woman who have renewed her walk of Faith with my God. I wasnt always keen on getting married because of what is happening around me, divorces, abuse, the fear of being hurt after the experiences Ive had with being involved in ungodly relationships But I’ve come to learn that[…]

I have a problem that I’m hoping someone out there can help me with. I am CLUELESS when a male is trying to get my attention. I didn’t realize my head was in the clouds so much until a few days ago, when my mother and I went out shopping. We were buying groceries and[…]

Hi I have been recently diagnosed with bi polar disorder. In case you dont know what it is.. quote, ‘Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people go back and forth between periods of a very good or irritable mood and depression. The “mood swings” between mania and depression can be very quick’. I knew[…]

I am wondering if anyone here has had any experience with www.threadtree.com. The Meet the Pearls page on the NGJ website says that Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling and her husband own this site. It looks like a social networking site, but the site itself doesn’t have much information about how it works. I don’t have facebook[…]

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Thank You for Your Help

just saying Thank You Mrs. Pearl, you have tons of wisdom that have really helped guide me threw some tough situations in my life right now, Thank You for listening to God and takeing the time to right these encouraging, life changing books. when someone’s willing to listen, they really help

There has been some confusion regarding the many “Bethany’s,” as has been discussed. 🙂 I thought I’d share a tip to potentially further the anonymous identification of those who share on PTBAHM… Gravatar.com automatically inserts a small photo next to your name on sites like this one. I personally don’t use it to share specific[…]

So i am a soph.in Bible College… and became friends with a guy thought the college …. We had talked about courting.. But I dont believe its Gods will should I quit talking to him or still be nice and talk sometime..I just dont want to give my Heart away to the wrong man.

I live with my grandma and she doesn’t let me wear heels. She thinks it makes ladies look too sexy to wear high heels. I think it makes girls look pretty to wear them as long as they’re not like 6″ or anything, so does anyone have any idea of what to do? I want[…]

so I really want to be a Cross-Country show jumper and hang out with horses, but my parent’s don’t want me to. It is my dream even though i’m only 14 – i have always wanted to so please help me! Is it okay to grow up and be something even if your parents don’t[…]

what are some things a girl can be doing to prepare to be a preacher’s wife?

I am a mom of 4 ages 9, 6 ,4,and 7 months. I have always lost my milk by 7 months. With my first daughter, my grandmother(who I was very close to) died when she was 6 months. She had been very ill and I think the stress finally got the best of me. With[…]

There is a preacher’s wife in my husband’s family, she is 30 years of age, but not such a good person. She has had child services investigate her twice for abuse on her children (I’d say it is more like severe neglect)), and she always is talking Rush Limbaugh kind of stuff. She says how[…]

What age range would you say would be appropriate to attend this study? I attend a small church and the young ladies range from ten years old to 25. Should I include all of them, which is only about 6 ladies or should I only include the older ones?

To make a very long story, very short. There is a young lady that I have met about 9 months ago and our friendship has been getting closer and closer. About a month after meeting her, I have decided to keep our friendship growing and have decided to pursue her. It seemed like from the[…]

My dad is a wonderful man. He loves the Lord deeply and leads our family in His ways. He is, however, (how shall I say this?) sometimes quite irritable and intense. After reading PTBH for the second time, I realized that he is a prophet, and that perhaps that is where some of this comes[…]

I want to know what it was like when God told you who you were going to marry. I am only 16 and have often thought about this since reading your book. I am not looking to get married at a young age, but rather I feel that if I am better connected to God,[…]

People ask questions and other people respond. I’m often currious about how some of the people who asked the questions made out. Were they succesful, did they find a different solution that might help someone else, did they have a happy ending? I’m always going back and looking over my Q&As. Some people have such[…]

What would you all tell a female friend (unmarried) struggling with pornography? She loves the Lord and most of time stays away from it, but occasionally when she is on her computer doing something else, an ad or picture of some sort comes up and leads her into a world of sin. Afterward she is[…]

OK. here is my situation. I am divorced. my husband left me for a homosexual relationship and I know live at home with my father and mentally handicapped brother. I do want to marry again but I dont want to go through what I did again. What I guess Im trying to ask is that[…]