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What are you guy’s opinions on Christian Music? Examples: Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Matthew West, Brandon Heath, Britt Nicole, Francesca Battistelli

Ok I am 17 years old and my family has recently met another Christian family. We are actually having them over this Saturday for supper.  I Really like one of the guys(he’s 18 or 19), and God has put it on my heart to pray for him(I don’t know where this will lead, I’m just[…]

Hi guys! I am 17 years old and a very good cook and create a large variety of things (both entrees, side and desserts). Cooking is a passion of mine and I have worked very hard throughout my childhood to get these skills. Whereas 3 of my sisters that are around my age (1 older[…]

Hi guys, I have made a new friend at my college. She has been I a bad relationship in the past (I don’t know all the details) and she also says that she has done some bad things in the past (drinking, I don’t think sex but I’m not absolutely positive). She has turned to the Lord(pretty[…]

ok there is this guy that God has put on my heart to pray for(and possibly marry some day I don’t know yet), he is exactly what I am looking for in a husband, and the son of a family friend that my parents have known for years. The problem is I live about 700[…]

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