Posted January 9, 2013

What are healthy ways to fall in love with Christ alone? Some suggest going on a date once a week with Christ.

Why do holiday pressures scare Christians and create so much stress? Shouldn’t we enjoy the fellowship with the people??

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For the unmarried, try your hardest to attract Christ by serving the weak and meable people of society. Holiday fame and fortune are man-made in nature. Marriage only has its joy in service to others.

Develop a healthy habit of WANTING to meet with Christ in the word each day.


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  1. annajoy

    What comes to my mind for a healthy way to fall in love with Christ is to give Him your HEART!
    In all you do, do it with a heart to please Him. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, may you seek to bless Him and honor Him in that.

    Colossians 3:23-24

    # January 11, 2013

  2. kingsdaughter7

    Amen!! I find that whenever I am in a situation when my thoughts aren’t all that great, The Lord fills my thoughts with verses from the Bible that I had memorized, and if not that, then just to sing choruses that praise God! 🙂 The more I memorize verses, the more they come up in the most unusual places! Once I was at the store to purchase something, and my eyes were drawn near the magazines and then I found myself just looking at them. All of a sudden a verse came up, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Wow! I hadn’t even thought of which verse it was but I had ust read that verse the evening before! God bless you with your walk with Him 🙂

    # March 12, 2013