Posted February 5, 2013

I’m sixteen years old and there’s
a boy at my church who has been
showing a lot of interest in me.
He hasn’t outright said anything
about it but he always stares at me
and tries to be extra funny when
he’s around me. I’m very careful
not to look back or go out
Of my way to talk to him.
I’m committed to
saving my heart for that one
that God has for me and also
he’s doesn’t have the kind of
character I would want in a
future husband. Am I able to
kindly let him know I’m not
interested without saying to him
or would it be better to let it be?
Also how do I interact with him in
a gracious and kind yet reserved
Thanks so much!!


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  1. beth

    I would definitely just keep ignoring him. He will probably eventually get the point, though it might take a while.

    # February 28, 2013

  2. kingsdaughter7

    From my own personal experience, I would definately NOT just ignore him. I have had someone try to show off how “cool” they were around me. This boy obviously had an interest in me and it seemed like everyone else thought so too. I stayed quiet for a while, but then my brother laughed at how much attention he was showing me. So the next time I saw him and he was doing it, I told him clearly to STOP!! When we were talking somewhere (we were alone but in a public place) I told him that I didn’t have an interest in him and I didn’t want to have a boyfriend. It looked a little awkward for him but I was clear and he left me alone after! 🙂 You can obviously still be happy to him but just don’t give him the attention he gave you or you will be in the same boat all over again!! I hope it helped! 🙂 God bless.

    # May 8, 2013