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hey everyone, I am setting guidelines for my courting relationship and I was wondering what y’all’s opinions are about holding hands before youre married… Could you give me a biblical reason on why it is either right or wrong?? I would like to hold hands with my boyfriend and be able to just hold hands[…]

Hey everyone, I graduated high school this past year. Since then I have worked odd jobs and I am also a caregiver 2 hours everyday. However, I feel like I am just going through the motions of living life without “living it”. I feel like my life is passing me by and I’m not doing[…]

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Being ‘in Love’ Article

I found this article, “Always Ravished With Love” and wondered if anyone had any thoughts.   Its written by Glenn Conjurske and he sounds pretty right on- in accordance to the bible, as well as Debi’s biblical stance. He talks about what being in love is and what we do to secure a life long, lasting[…]

I just wondered if there were some good ways to gently tell a guy “No”.

I dated and was to engaged to a wonderful man for about four months. He is most definitely a King (command) type. He is hard to deal with sometimes, and at times I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Thankfully God gave me patience and grace, and blessed our relationship. I enjoyed serving[…]

So married ladies I would like to know what you regret you didn’t do while single and in/about your dating/courtship/engagement and marriage?   Like did you not learn this or that that would’ve helped you?  Or do you feel bad you didn’t/did something in you courtship/dating/engagement/marriage time? Thanks! -FaithGrubb

Okay I am not courting or even dating this guy.  We just met and we’ve publicly written back and forth on a website.  It wasn’t everyday for two months, but off and on and now it seems its getting a bit deeper (not really thought).  I like the guy still but I don’t know him[…]

Just that are guys allowed on here?  Single or Not? I remember long ago when this site first came out it was supposed to be for both.  But then again it doesn’t look too general, rather girly.