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I am 17 and live in Michigan and here all the girls wear very short shorts and low and tight tops – and I mean everyone, even older women wear shorts or short skirts and in general the modesty standard is very low. Even among the Christians – I go to a pretty conservative church[…]

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How Good is Good Enough for a Potential Man?

I’ve been looking around for Christian young men for some time and I noticed that most of them did things I did not like: They played (too much) video games or they kept using profane language or they kept switching girlfriends or they were very flirty with everyone or seemed to be lazy in general[…]

I’ll make this quick and not go into all the details at this moment… For you married/engaged or seriously dating ladies, were you attracted to your guy at first or did the attraction come later? Is it possible for someone who I am not attracted to and only think of as a good friend (best[…]

After working with this one guy for about 6 months, he asked if I wanted to go out with him. I don’t date, so I said no. (that day at work was SOOOOO tense!) I told my parents about what happened and they encouraged me to look at my heart and see if I had[…]

I have a female friend who made a skirt by sewing together men’s neckties. Does this count as wearing clothing pertaining to a man, and is it unacceptable? If it is, is there anything that I can say to her?