My brother has been dating a Christian girl for about 4 months. She’s nice enough but their relationship concerns me because of their lack of foresight and willingness to seek counsel and wisdom from others, specifically from godly adults. They are very concerend about being a “couple” and are the most akaward people to be[…]

So I am in Bible College and I met a great guy. I was not sure whether I really liked him or not(still am not sure) so I started observing him. He really seems to love God and wants to serve him and that is what really attracted me to him was seeing him involved[…]

Hi guys, I have made a new friend at my college. She has been I a bad relationship in the past (I don’t know all the details) and she also says that she has done some bad things in the past (drinking, I don’t think sex but I’m not absolutely positive). She has turned to the Lord(pretty[…]


What to Do?

ok there is this guy that God has put on my heart to pray for(and possibly marry some day I don’t know yet), he is exactly what I am looking for in a husband, and the son of a family friend that my parents have known for years. The problem is I live about 700[…]

Hi there! So this is proving hard to ask…I’m going to give it a try though. I’m 19 years old, attend a great church, and am involved in the ministry for young adults of my age group. There are several guys who appear to be Godly and honorable, and whom I would really like to[…]


Overcoming Emotions

After working with this one guy for about 6 months, he asked if I wanted to go out with him. I don’t date, so I said no. (that day at work was SOOOOO tense!) I told my parents about what happened and they encouraged me to look at my heart and see if I had[…]

Okay I am not courting or even dating this guy.  We just met and we’ve publicly written back and forth on a website.  It wasn’t everyday for two months, but off and on and now it seems its getting a bit deeper (not really thought).  I like the guy still but I don’t know him[…]

Hi there~ This is proving hard to ask. : ) Let me try again! So I’m 19 and I attend a great church. There are several similarly aged guys there who seem to be Godly and honorable, and I really desire to spend time with them as well as with the gals. Yet, because of[…]

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Double Post

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I withdraw and feel bitter/jealous very quickly if I perceive a slight, disloyalty, etc from one of my friends….  I begin to doubt if they really want to be friends with me, or value my friendship at all- and it makes it a huge struggle to just act normal and not “cool”  towards friends(even close[…]