I love my daddy and am grateful that he works hard to take care of all of us.  He does not love God and all our lives my mother has been overloaded with trying to juggle protecting us from our father’s perversions along with training us to honor him.  Once when I was very young,[…]

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Does God Have One Perfect Person Just for Me?

I just read an article  in which a young woman’s pastor father told her that there is no biblical basis for the idea that God has one special person prepared to be your future spouse.  I’ve always believed that this was true.  Does anyone have any insight into this? Thanks, Faith

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Getting Along with His Mom and Sisters?

Greetings, fellow help meets in training (and ones who have already tied the knot)! So there’s this guy…we’re mutually interested in each other, and the Lord seems to be bringing us together in various ways. In addition to this, we get along well, have similar interests, and have both chosen to follow wherever the Lord[…]

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Should I Listen to Family Members Opinions?

There is this guy of which is a very potential husband. Recently I went to nanny some of my cousins, my aunt and I were talking one night and I told her about “the guy”. She gave her opinions and after that talk, I kept questioning myself, should he still be a potential? Her opinions[…]

My question is, is it impure to pray for a guy as a future mate even if  he is already in a relationship?  

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Can I Ever Remarry?

My husband and I got married and from day one we have had nothing but problems. I married outside the faith which should have been my first stop sign. I have always had a Christian raising and roots but strayed away for years. I didn’t hear of these books until a few weeks ago and[…]

I have a question for you out there!!! I have a friend who is an older sweet Christian girl/woman.  She longs to get married and have a family.   Recently she told us that there is a guy she is interested in. When she told me who it was I was shocked. He is an[…]


Biblical Divorce?

I have never really experienced divorce in someone close to me before but this past year I have had a couple of people I know really well go through divorce and it has really stirred some deep questions in me. I believe God hates divorce, in fact he states it in His Word but he[…]

Hi, I have a husband who prefers to play his video games and computer games, and does not like spending time or talking to me. What should I do? I am a christian woman , I’ve tried to be the best help meet for him , I’m lost at what to do . I’m hoping[…]

I am a Go-To gal (with a little dreamer) that married a Command man with strong Visionary tendencies. After 8 years of marriage and 4 children, I feel like I am still preparing to be his help meet. It is a high passion relationship; good and bad. I have seen amazing transformations as a result of our[…]